Know more about custom embroidered patches


Before the embroidered patches are installed and made up by hand, through which there is a lack of finish on the embroidered patches. But as time passes, the world is getting advanced. Now many of the embroidered patches are settled by machine or other technologies.

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How embroidered patches are applied?

The most common methods for applying the embroidered patches are listed down :

Peel and stick:

The most famous and popular method for use embroidered patches is peel and stick or in other words, you can call them stickers. It is the temporary backing that is easily be removed or can be reused for 3-4 times.

Heat seal backing:

This is the most effective way of backing the embroidered patches. In this method layer of glue that sticks to the cloth or jacket where you want to as it gets heated and gets hardened when it gets cool. You can use these methods when you go for leather and woven patches.

Backing by sewing:

This method is one the oldest way for backing the patches. Sew and backing are done by the sewing machine and the main advantage is that it is the strongest and permanent way of backing the embroidered patches.

Velcro backing method:

This method is portable, as you can use this method for backing the embroidered patches. You can use this method to put the same patch on different clothes. In this method there are two strips which attach to its other by the hooks, the same method is used on the sneaker for kids.

So go and give glamour to your style by custom embroidered patches and choose the best way for backing embroidered patches according to your preference and wish.